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Turn your landscaping business into a profit-generating machine!

Straight from multi-millionaire landscaping mogul Tony Bass, the Tony Bass Landscaping Success Automation Package helps you turn your business into an extraordinary success story – with a jaw-dropping bottom

The Tony Bass Landscaping Success Automation Package:

  • Build trust with individualized communication!
  • Generates larger sales and more referrals!
  • Keeps your name in front of customers to increase brand recognition!

What is the Tony Bass Landscaping Success Automation Package?

The Tony Bass Landscaping Success Automation Package is an all-in-one email marketing package that includes:

  • Fully customizable email content strategically designed to increase conversions.
  • Campaign implementation – We take care of everything. You’ll do little more than press “go!”
  • Full Infusionsoft setup and training – So you get years of use out of your investment!

The Tony Bass Campaigns

Reach more customers and jump start your commissions
with these specifically engineered campaigns:

New Customer WOW Campaign:

Make a great first impression with educational emails and helpful tips.

Refer-A-Friend Campaign:

Referrals are the lifeblood of any business. Get more referrals than ever with this easy-to-use campaign.

5 Reasons Even Seasoned Gardeners Hire a Landscaper Campaign:

Hard-to-convince customers need to know why you deserve their hard-earned money. Show them with this campaign.

Holiday Campaign:

Let your customers know you care with well wishes on all the major U.S. holidays.

5 Secrets to a Lush, Green Lawn Campaign:

This educational campaign does double duty as a business-builder for your company.

Monthly Landscaping Tips Campaign:

This yearlong campaign tells customers which landscaping tasks are most important for each month of the year.

Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Landscaper Campaign:

Get potential customers off the fence with this fun and engaging campaign.

How It Works

Step 1 - Your customers’ names and email addresses are loaded into the Infusionsoft database.

Step 2 - Each contact is attached to the email marketing campaigns most relevant to them.

Step 3 - Educational, fascinating emails are sent to your contacts at pre-determined intervals of time. By seeing your name and reading your informative content time and again, your business’ name will always be at the front of their minds – so when they’re ready to tackle a lawn project, you’ll be the first company they call!

Step 4 - Infusionsoft tracks your contacts’ behavior within the campaigns, so you’ll be able to see which leads are hot (and need to be contacted directly) and which ones need more nurturing. The tracking feature also allows you to see what your customers are most interested in – so you can focus more on these services in your marketing.

What’s Infusionsoft?

We use Infusionsoft, a comprehensive relationship management platform, to send out your emails. Infusionsoft also allows you to send out newsletters and important updates, manage membership, set up an online store, and much more!